What is hemp?

It is nothing but a variant; Cannabis Sativa. L plants with a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol: the compound in cannabis that makes it psychoactive and gives us the feeling of “being high”) level less than 0.3%.

Why hemp?

Hemp is the world’s most versatile and sustainable plant and has been harvested for centuries. Hemp is a gift that keeps giving and is the solution to resolving consequential impacts of climate change, resource scarcity and restoring biome balance.

How can hemp save the planet?

Hemp is one of the most promising sources for a sustainable future: a whole new universe of uses to be tapped into.  Especially in the context of sustainable development and economic impact.

Life proofing the future of the earth

Carbon negative

Sustainable agriculture

Pollution reduction

Forest conservation

Climate reversal


Is hemp the same as Marijuana?

No. Both Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the cannabis plant. They both look similar but the similarity ends in the way they look. Though for a general user it might be difficult to distinguish the two they have different structural and chemical compositions. Unlike Marijuana, which has a THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) level between 5 to 35%, Hemp contains THC of less than 0.3%. This means that hemp will not get you high.

Can hemp cause intoxicating effects?

No. The hemp variety of cannabis has only a small amount of THC, which is not enough THC to create intoxicating effects.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the compound that makes the plant psychoactive. In other words, what causes the state of being high.

Hemp seed

Does consuming hemp seeds makes you psychoactive?

No. The hemp seeds contain practically zero THC which is responsible for psychoactive.

Do hemp hearts contain cannabinoids like THC (the psychoactive substance) and CBD?

No. The hemp seeds do not contain cannabinoids like THC, CBD. A possible presence of cannabinoids in hempseeds could occur due to physical contact with the resin secreted by the trichrome located on the bracts that surround the seed. Since the hemp plant produces a very low THC level, this contamination should be extremely low.

Are hemp seeds legal?

Yes. The hemp seeds can be licensed under the AYUSH or FSSAI.

Is hemp cultivation legal?

Yes. The cultivation of hemp has been legalised in certain states in India.

Where does your hemp seed come from?


Can hemp seed cause allergy?

Yes, Hemp allergies are just as common as other food allergies. Use hemp with caution if you are allergic to cannabis. A person with nut allergy may not have hemp allergy, but please consider the advice of an allergist for the safety of consuming hemp seeds

Is it safe for children and pregnant women to consume hemp hearts?

We recommend you consult a physician.

Hemp Hearts

What are Hemp hearts?

Hemp seeds are the soft inner part of the Hemp Plant Seeds. This tiny cream and green coloured seeds are known for their nutty flavour.

Can I cook hemp hearts?

Yes. You can simply add hemp hearts to your favourite dish to amp up the nutrition. Hemp hearts are best consumed raw for their magical powers, hemp hearts can be your friend for immunity building, hormonal balance and fighting inflammation.

How to prepare food with Hemp hearts?

Sprinkle straight on your Smoothies, Salad bowls, Yoghurt, blend it into shakes, Dressings and various raw unheated Desserts or assorted recipes. Check out the Recipes to know more in detail.

What is the dosage of hemp hearts?

We recommend consulting a physician/nutritionist for the exact dosage. Roughly you can consume 25-30gm (1-2 tablespoon) daily.

Hemp seed powder

What are Hemp powder?

Hemp seed powder is made from cold-pressed, ground hemp seeds and has a rich green texture. They are loved for their versatility, earthy flavour and nutritional benefits.

Can I cook hemp powder?

Yes. You can simply add hemp powder to your daily routine to amp up energy and nutrition.

How to prepare food with Hemp powder?

For a wholesome protein boost, add to baked goods, pancake butter, mix it with milk/water. It blends well, it’s perfect for shakes and smoothies. Check out the Recipes to know more in detail.

What is the dosage of hemp powder?

We recommend consulting a physician/nutritionist for the exact dosage. Roughly you can consume 25-30gm (1-2 tablespoon) daily.

Hemp seed oil

What are Hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing mature, undamaged hemp seeds, has a nutty flavour and dark green texture.

Is Hemp oil same as CBD oil?

No. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant by cold pressing while CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flower of the plant.

Can I cook hemp oil?

Heating the oil may alter its nutrient profile and taste. Best consumed raw or can be drizzled on salad and cooked food for extra nutrition.

What is the dosage of hemp oil?

We recommend consulting a physician/nutritionist for the exact dosage. Roughly you can consume 20-25mL (1-2 tablespoon) daily.

Can I apply hemp oil to my skin and hair?

Yes. Hemp seed oil can be used as a good skin moisturiser for dry skin. It also helps in strengthening hair and protecting against damage.

Does hemp oil clog skin pores?

Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog the skin pores.

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